Real life

You always hear people saying they saw something that "they'll never be able to forget" or "the image stays in their mind forever."

I saw one of those things today on the way to work. My dad saw something similar a couple years ago, and he still remembers it and thinks about it. I didn't ask him to tell me what it was, he just said it was something almost identical.

I ended up in tears on the drive to work, and twice later, in the back room, and in the bathroom at my job.

I don't want to write about it, because it's really sad and depressing, and fucked up pretty much my whole day at work. I couldn't really talk to anyone about it, but it stuck with me the whole day, until finally I called my mum from the bathroom at work and just cried over the phone to get it off my chest, so it wouldn't be bottled up inside any more.

Certain things put the world into perspective pretty fucking quick.

I guess it's those things that teach us how to live, and teach us to think and look around us. I'm going to write something similar into my book, because it was like a kick in the face lesson on how hard and cruel the world can be. I'd been stuck looking for an event like this, that could change someone's outlook on life, and I realized that even in a world of aliens and spaceships, something from our world could carry over and be more poignant that anything I could make up.


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