Current listening and some changes

It might come as a surprise to most people I know, but pretty much ever since the old days of playing with Transformers and He-Man, I've been in love with Annie Lennox. I'm sitting here working on 3.1, amongst other online distractions, including reading a list of Console RPG Cliches, and I've been listening to the Eurythmics for probably the last four hours. It's good music to keep me rocking at almost 3 am.

There have been a couple minor changes to the storyline. For one, the addition of Saeera setting an alarm on her PDC at the end of 1.5. I guess I forgot to add that in there, but I guess such is a by-product of doing most of my writing between midnight and 5 am.

Also, the timeframe has been changed. When the story starts, she has around 36 hours to complete her mission, but I felt like there was getting to be too much exposition, and therefore cut out some scenes(that have not been posted on Oceanus Procellarum yet). Where the timeframe stands right now, she wakes up with 16 hours left, instead of around thirty. It sucks that I have to cut scenes out, but I guess it's like when the film studios cut a two and half hour film down to two hours. Some of it wasn't necessary to the story, and some of it is getting moved to later sections. It feels like the story wasn't taking shape quick enough.


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