Denver reading list

As you probably know, I'm going to be in Denver for two weeks. I don't know anyone in Denver. So I'm going to be doing a lot of reading and writing in my off-time. Here's some books I ordered from Amazon in anticipation. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

I couldn't help but order this, for the obvious reasons. It's the first in a series of 8, all published in 1974 and 1975.

The Baroness packs in her sleek, voluptuous body the lethal power of a tigress. To the world, she's known as Baroness Penelope St. John-Orsini, model, millionairess, and international playgirl. But to a crack team of superspies, she's "the chief" - the deadliest of them all. She knows how to make it hot for a man - in bed or in action!


I love Brian Keene

Tommy O’Brien once hoped to leave his run-down industrial hometown. But marriage and fatherhood have kept him running in place, working a job that doesn’t even pay the bills. And now he seems fated to stay for the rest of his life. Tommy’s just learned he’s going to die young–and soon. But he refuses to leave his family with less than nothing–especially now that he has nothing to lose.

Over a couple of beers with his best friends, John and Sherm, Tommy launches a bold scheme to provide for his family’s future. And though his plan will spin shockingly out of control, it will throw him together with a child whose touch can heal–and whose ultimate lesson is that there are far worse things than dying.


Isn't it obvious?

Brian Keene, best-selling author of THE RISING, CITY OF THE DEAD, and TERMINAL, unleashes his most powerful short story collection yet.

Something bad is about to happen...

An ancient evil awakes in the bloody sands of Iraq. A young woman struggles with loss in the aftermath of September 11th. For contestants on a new reality show, the only way off the island is death. After a chic new play, it's time to unmask. And all across the world, it's starting to rain.

In life, there are no happy endings...and no matter how high you fly, there's always gravity.

I've wanted to read this one for a few years now. I heard back in 2000 I think that David Fincher was going to be directing the movie. I remember seeing some of the concept art and it looked mindblowing. Anyway, it's back in production. I think it's gonna be his next movie after Zodiac, which comes out later this year.

A huge, mysterious, cylindrical object appears in space, swooping in toward the sun. The citizens of the solar system send a ship to investigate before the enigmatic craft, called Rama, disappears. The astronauts given the task of exploring the hollow cylindrical ship are able to decipher some, but definitely not all, of the extraterrestrial vehicle's puzzles. From the ubiquitous trilateral symmetry of its structures to its cylindrical sea and machine-island, Rama's secrets are strange evidence of an advanced civilization. But who, and where, are the Ramans, and what do they want with humans? Perhaps the answer lies with the busily working biots, or the sealed-off buildings, or the inaccessible "southern" half of the enormous cylinder. Rama's unsolved mysteries are tantalizing indeed.


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